Immortality of the soul, 2023

50×50 cm

MDF, acrylic, texture paste

     On this painting, deep symbolism is embodied, which combines Ukrainian identity and belief in the immortality of the soul. The main image – a freedom-loving dragon – represents the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian people, who will always defend their freedom and independence. The mystical depiction of the dragon intertwines with elements of Ukrainian ornament, which reflects the genetic code of the nation. This ornament is a symbol of traditions, heritage, and folk wisdom, which permeates the soul of every Ukrainian. In contrast to the profound symbolism of the dragon, skulls are also present in the painting as symbols of human mortality. They remind us that the physical and ephemeral may disappear, but the immortal soul remains unbroken and free even after death. All of this creates an unforgettable image that encourages viewers to reflect on their own essence, the search for inner strength and independence, and the eternal struggle for personal freedom.

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