Initium, 2024

Part 3 of Series “Boundary of Worlds”

60×80 cm

canvas, oil, texture paste, fluid art

       Merging with the dragon into a singular entity, a person, like an embryo, takes shape and emerges into the world. The dragon represents the embodiment of spiritual strength, interpreting that how you look is irrelevant. What matters is the spirit you carry within, and obtaining it is possible only by baring your soul. Silhouettes of faces are positioned around, attempting to weave it into social frameworks. These shadows embody faceless masses of people, bent under the pressure of social norms and expectations. Their heads are framed by an abundance of reflections, always filled with stereotypes, attempting to pull individuals into their confines.

    This painting embodies the idea that true rebirth and inner strength can only be achieved when a person distances themselves from societal expectations and opens their soul. In this delicate dance of exposed souls and inner essence.

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