Sunfire Dragon, 2023

Part 2 of Series “Dragons Conquered the Universe”

d=70 cm

canvas, oil, texture paste, fluid art

     The art embodies the power of nature, internal struggle, and the desire to gain control over one’s own destiny. The dragon emerges from the darkness, as if awakened by the unstoppable energy of the sun. Its eyes glow with fire, burning with a thirst to master its own essence and inner strength. Visible traces of the dark times that once enveloped the dragon are now severed by the flames. The dragon’s heart beats in harmony with the rhythm of the sun, giving it an unstoppable force to live and create. This symbolizes rebirth, the power of internal fire, and liberation from darkness. The dragon becomes not only the master of the sun but also the embodiment of the life force that eternally awakens and blossoms in the light of a new day.

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